After Taking Over Creative, Triple H Was Given The Title Of WWE Chief Content Officer

WWE announced on Tuesday that Paul “Triple H” Levesque has been promoted to chief content officer. After Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon quit, Levesque took over the company’s creative duties.

WWE says that since Triple H took over on July 25, the number of people who watch Monday Night Raw has gone up by 15%. The release also says that WWE’s “social media engagement” has grown by “double digits.” Nick Khan, who is co-CEO of WWE, will be Triple H’s boss.

Triple H had a heart attack in September 2021, which forced him to leave WWE. Three days before he was named head of creative, he returned to his job as executive vice president of talent relations.

He is now in charge, and since he took over, people have said great things about his work. In a piece from August 9, Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post raved about Triple H’s work, pointing out that he had made improvements and paid more attention to the women’s division.

He also said that he was making much better use of former NXT stars. He also talked about some smaller changes, like committing to longer matches and storylines that last the whole show. Finn Balor is also a big fan.

He said it was “great” that Triple H was hired as head of creative. Triple H has been a professional wrestler for 30 years and has won the WWE world title belt 14 times. Listen to Ring Rust Radio to find out what’s going on in wrestling. Use the player below to watch the latest episode (warning: some language NSFW).

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