Booker T On CM Punk: Punk Status In WWE After Leaving AEW!

Booker T was asked about his opinions on CM Punk’s potential return to WWE and provided his responses. After a fight that occurred backstage recently, there has been much discussion about the possibility of leaving. Punk’s departure from WWE was not handled in a professional manner. According to Booker T, since CM Punk departed the WWE, he has stirred up much controversy inside the company’s comment sections.

Therefore, I think it would be tough for him to swallow his pride and return to that hulk, that beast that caused many of the difficulties he believes he has. If anything, I think it would be impossible for him to do so. I believe that it would be challenging for both parties involved.

Booker T claims that CM Punk’s return to WWE may have gone off without a hitch, despite initial concerns. There was a glimmer of optimism when CM Punk was hired as an analyst for WWE Backstage on FOX, but Booker T believes that the decision was simply the result of a significant push on the part of FOX.

I do not doubt that FOX hoped to see him in attendance. They hoped to see CM Punk return to the WWE, especially with the SmackDown program and FOX becoming a significant part; nevertheless, I believe it was just a complex deal to make.

Booker T remarked that he was curious about CM Punk’s potential role in the WWE and said that he was unsure where Punk would end up fitting in. The WWE Hall of Famer claimed that CM Punk’s physical troubles since his return to a wrestling show are that it is impossible to perform at a high level because he is getting older.

CM Punk’s Status With AEW

There is new information available regarding the situation with CM Punk and AEW. Punk got himself into a bit of trouble after the All Out show when there was a melee after the show. Colt Cabana and the Young Bucks were the targets of his assault.

Additionally, he criticized Hangman Page for deviating from the predetermined lines during a face-to-face promotion in May. As soon as Punk entered the locker room, the situation became even more precarious. The current AEW World Champion and the Young Bucks fought with the former champion.

There was also the presence of Ace Steele and Kenny Omega. In addition to that, Punk suffered an injury while competing against Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship. Dave Meltzer claims that Punk injured his left triceps while attempting a tope.

It is currently unknown whether or not Punk will require surgical intervention. In addition, it is thought that Punk has been stopped directly because of the fight backstage. On the Dynamite episode that aired on September 7, neither Punk nor The Elite was discussed.

According to several reports, Omega, Nick and Matt Jackson, Christopher Daniels, Michael Nakazawa, and Pat Buck have all been suspended indefinitely. Nobody knew where Punk and Steele were hiding out at the time. According to the reports, Punk and Steele were terminated or placed on administrative leave.

Tony Khan, the current president of AEW, has decided to vacate the AEW World Championship and the AEW World Trios Championship. AEW has crowned Death Triangle as the new world champions in the trio’s division. They were victorious on Dynamite, beating both Best Friends and Orange Cassidy.

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