CM Punk Celebrates a Year in AEW With the Best Meme

CM Punk Celebrates a Year in AEW With the Best Meme: The August 20, 2021 episode of Rampage at Chicago’s United Center marked CM Punk’s return to professional wrestling and his first television appearance inside the squared circle in seven years.

Punk recently marked the one-year anniversary of his AEW debut and reflected on the past year in an Instagram post, writing, “This moment seemed impossible only a couple of years earlier, but I’m here to tell you that it’s been an incredible year “For me, the past year has been the most successful in my entire working life.

Too many fantastic moments, but not enough space to publish all the great images. Rekindled enthusiasm, established new friends, and reunited with old ones. Will keep on grinning till the car crashes.

We owe the biggest expression of gratitude to the devoted audience that helped make this happen. It’s the best time of my life as Castellanos hits a drive to deep left field that will likely result in a home run. That means the score is 4-0.”

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CM Punk Celebrates a Year in AEW With the Best Meme
CM Punk Celebrates a Year in AEW With the Best Meme

Since his return, Punk has been one of AEW’s biggest names. He has been involved in high-profile feuds with Eddie Kingston and MJF, and he is the current AEW World Champion after defeating Hangman Page at the Double Or Nothing event in May.

On Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite, Punk will face Interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley in a unification match, marking the first time Punk has defended his championship.

Now that he’s back in the spotlight, CM Punk is getting a lot of discussion in the wrestling industry. Following the Lineal AEW World Champion’s surprise return on the August 10th edition of AEW Dynamite, Punk kicked up last week’s show by calling out a couple of his competitors. Punk initially targeted Hangman Page, but the promo mostly focused on Interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley.

The Best in the World issued a challenge to Page, the guy he defeated to win the AEW World Title at AEW Double or Nothing in May, but Page did not accept. This is because Punk allegedly got into business for himself by bringing up Hangman, which was not part of the original plan for the promotion.

Reportedly, Punk was not pleased with some of the stuff Hangman used to hype their May matchup after the now-famous promo. One seasoned employee even claimed to have heard that Punk was “threatened” into leaving the organization.

Regardless of what sources say, two AEW stars have playfully pushed back on the recent rumors of Punk’s discontent. FTR’s Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler posted a fan art piece featuring themselves and Punk last week, with Punk joking that he “bullied” them into it and “totally went into business for himself with this wonderful piece of art.”

Harwood’s denials of the rumors have only gotten stronger since then. The reigning multi-promotion tag champion uploaded a backstage selfie of himself and Punk, stating, “And if you can’t tell, he’s VERY unhappy.”

The Second City Saint and the Top Guys have become real-life buddies despite being on opposing sides during Punk’s blood feud with MJF, and this has occasionally been represented on AEW programs.

Even though they aren’t a recognized faction, FTR came out to help Punk celebrate his AEW Title win and tagged along with him on the following week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. The three have become close friends due to their shared admiration of Bret Hart, whom they have all paid tribute to in recent bouts.

“There was instant chemistry between us. Right now, he is one of my closest pals anywhere “What Harwood had to say about his relationship with Punk. “At first, it was all about the wrestling.

In a time when true wrestling fans are few and far between, the three of us are among the rarest of the rare, and our affection for the sport naturally evolved into a shared adoration of Bret Hart.

Then their feelings for each other transformed the situation. I’ll be forever grateful to him behind the scenes for helping me deal with my fears.” This Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, Punk and Moxley will meet in a match for the unified AEW World Title.

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