Country level domain registry of Australia seeks to implement restrictions on .Au registrations

In december 2000,the Australian government finally setup auDA ,as a body who will monitor the .AU namespace and under telecommunication act 1997 government held all rights.

In October 2001, ICANN recognized auDA a suitable body for .AU namespace.

Apparently auDA, the Australian domain registry, is seeking to enforce a number of restrictions to .AU namespace.

According to website,  the policy review panel reports to auDA and it warns Australian registrants about:

  • Can’t advertise your domain name for sale,
  • Can’t solicit profit for its sale,
  • Can’t earn income purely from monetisation and advertising,
  • Can’t register multiple domain names,
  • Can’t hold multiple domain names unrelated to your business,
  • Cant choose your own domain name.

This will be a dampner for the domain space there.

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