Creed 3 Ending Explained: Why Dame Wanted to Fight Adonis?

For the third installment of the Creed franchise, which also serves as his directorial debut, Michael B. Jordan is back on the big screen. Creed III opens with Donnie living in LA and having given up boxing, but fans of the series won’t be too surprised to learn that by the time we reach the film’s final act, he’s been persuaded to step back into the ring for another fight.

Damian “Dame” Anderson, a former boyhood friend and boxing prodigy, is his opponent this time. Adonis had a hand in the incident that landed Damian “Dame” Anderson in jail for several years. Read on to find out what happened after one of the series’ most horrific bouts, but be warned that there will be massive Creed III spoilers when you do.

Creed 3 Ending Explained

The first time Dame returns to Adonis’s life, everything seems to be going well. The two are like old friends who have been reunited. Adonis introduces Dame to Bianca (Tessa Thompson) and their daughter Amara while using his influence to get him back in shape and prepared for battle (Mila Davis-Kent).

Creed 3 Ending Explained
Creed 3 Ending Explained

But their reunion quickly takes an adverse turn. Dame employs various shady strategies that make him unpopular during his championship bout with current heavyweight champion Felix (another of Adonis’ protégés). After his victory, he shows off his success in an unsavory way.

It also turns out that Dame has been exploiting Adonis, preying on the guilt his old friend feels about his arrest rather than being delighted to have been reunited with him in the first place. To prepare the way for him to face Felix in the first place, he even used a sidekick to harm Viktor Drago.

Adonis says the most logical course of action is for the two to resolve their disputes in the ring. Thus, following the traditional training montage, the primary fight—dubbed the Battle for Los Angeles by the media—arrives.

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The match is a titanic one, and although taking some punishment, Adonis manages to knock out his opponent in the final round to win back the championship belt and the grudging respect of his friend-turned-enemy.

The movie doesn’t just end with the fight, though; after everything is said and done, Adonis approaches Dame so they may settle their disagreements in an approachable humane manner—by having a heart-to-heart.

The two eventually decide to put the past behind them and reconcile after Adonis expresses his regret for having cut off communication with Dame after he was sent to prison. They understand that nothing good can come from continuing to hold one another responsible for what happened many years earlier.

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As the movie ends, Adonis is seen standing in the ring with his daughter, gazing at an empty arena. It seems he is giving up on his boxing career forever at this point, but maybe he has found a replacement in Amara. Even Bianca appears to be encouraging the youngster to give boxing a go now after previously expressing hesitation.

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