The Consultant Ending Explained: Is Regus Pattoff a Robot or a Human Being?

The Consultant on Amazon Video is a crazy, mind-bending watch from beginning to end. The eight-episode dark comic thriller, created by Tony Basgallop and adapted from Bentley Little’s 2015 novel of the same name, follows workers of the app-based game company CompWare after its CEO is brutally killed.

CompWare’s dynamic combo of Craig (Nat Wolff) and Elaine (Brittany O’Grady) set out to discover the truth about their boss’s murder and Regus Patoff’s odd presence when a mysterious consultant named Regus Patoff (Christoph Waltz) arrived to save the company and wreck havoc on its employees.

Your mind will probably be spinning after binge-watching Season 1 of The Consultant, which debuts in its entirety on February 24. “Hammer,” the eighth episode, finishes with several important realizations and a puzzling cliffhanger that begs to be explained.

Are you wondering what occurred in The Consultant Season 1’s last minutes? Or if Season 2 of The Consultant has been renewed by Prime Video? Please continue reading to learn how Decider ends and everything we know about the series’ future. But beware—there are major spoilers ahead.

The Consultant Ending Explained

The tension between Craig, Elaine, Patti (Aimee Carrero), and Patoff reaches a breaking point in The Consultant episode 8 when Craig discovers that Pattoff has Patti (who crucially does not work for CompWare) working for him in the records room.

Elaine tries to reason with Patti, who appears to have been brainwashed, while Craig confronts Pattoff in the office’s upper level, where the floor is. Get this, glass. Craig uses a hammer to destroy the glass floor while Patoff is standing on it, mirroring the game he created.

The Consultant falls to the ground and loses a big toe due to the shattered glass. Yikes. Patti pulls the fire alarm and leaves the area with Craig and Elaine when she discovers she is under Patoff’s influence. When we believe Patoff will be apprehended, we notice a trail of bloody footprints in the office, indicating that he escaped before the police arrived.

The Consultant Ending Explained
The Consultant Ending Explained

The Elephant Incident (where she bribed someone $10,000 to steal an elephant) is brought up while the police question Elaine. She insists they should contact the Consultant who started working for CompWare, denying involvement.

Patti takes up her belongings and leaves, which makes us think that her engagement with Craig didn’t last through Patoff. Don’t be afraid. Craig is doing great. Why? And after stealing Patoff’s severed big toe from the office that evening, he found a solid gold toe bone within after boiling and cutting it apart.

Remember when jeweler Frank Florez (Juan Carlos Cantu) revealed to Craig earlier in the season that several doctors used to come into his store and beg him to covertly create all 206 of the bones in the human body out of gold in exchange for checks signed by Regus Patoff?

Therefore, Patoff’s skeleton appears to comprise all those solid gold bones that Florez crafted, indicating that he is probably more robotic than human. Since it’s bizarre, the revelation explains SO much, so is it really that shocking? The man’s name is a shortened version of “Registered U.S. Patent Office”!

As Elaine returns to work, she finds flowers and the key to the records room waiting for her on Patoff’s desk, along with a note with her name. All right, everyone. Now she is CompWare’s boss. The Consultant dares to visit the office one last time despite the significant falling out between Craig and Patoff.

He surveys the activity in the chamber and notices Mrs. Sang dusting the Pornographic statue of her son at the top of the stairs before turning and stumbling out the door. We follow up with the middle schooler who murdered CompWare’s CEO and started this wild series of events before the season ends.

He pulls out his phone, launches Mr. Sang’s Jungle Journey, and again attempts the infamous Level 316. A TV in his room is playing a news clip announcing the passing of another CEO. This time, the CEO was employed by Pterodactyl, an organization that “strove to produce the first humanoid workforce.”

Returning to Mr. Sang’s, the young person successfully beat the previously unbeatable level. The closing credits play as a “GAME OVER” screen flashes.

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Will There Be A Season 2 of The Consultant On Prime Video?

Amazon Video has not yet renewed or canceled the Consultant as of the premiere date. Yet, given that Patoff left CompWare and another CEO was discovered deceased, there is undoubtedly room for the show to investigate other plotlines in the future.

For additional details, kindly refer to the tweet that may be seen below:

The anthology approach would show Patoff working as a consultant for a different company with a diverse cast, leaving CompWare, Craig, Elaine, and Patti behind. Nevertheless, there’s also a possibility that we’ll revisit Season 1 characters and carry over many storylines, such as Elaine serving as the boss or Craig looking for information on Patoff (and more gold).

Inquiring about a potential Season 2 of The Consultant, Decider contacted the show’s representatives. If we hear back, we’ll update this article.

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