Disney Mirrorverse Release Date Status Confirmed

A new teaser shows off some of the characters players can expect to see in Disney Mirrorverse, a highly anticipated team-based action role-playing game for mobile devices from Kabam and Disney. Dark and light magic has elevated some Disney characters into Mirrorverse. Guardians, who fight against the Fractured, who attempt to break both realities in this game, as implied by the title.

These aren’t your typical Disney characters, to put it simply. For the sake of the Mirrorverse, they’ve been magically transformed. For example, Sulley in Monsters, Inc. wears power armour created from the Scare Floor. To wit: a fortified door can serve as a shield in its own right. Disney Mirrorverse has released its debut trailer, which you can see for yourself right here:

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Disney Mirrorverse Trailer

Anyone who has played any of Kabam’s previous games will be immediately at home in this one. The player’s squad of characters can guide Real-time or automated attacks. There’s a tale to discover, missions to complete, asynchronous multiplayer Alliances to join, and much more to discover. Kabam has yet to hint how many of Disney’s toys the developer is permitted to play with, despite the assumption that fresh material will be published every month. A reasonably sizable roster of 40 Disney characters is already known to be ready to go.

“The goal is to give our players characters that resonate with them,” said Mark Raham, Executive Producer on Disney Mirrorverse for Kabam, when asked about future additions to the roster during a recent interview with ComicBook.com. “And Disney’s this great, broad, global beloved brand. We want to make sure there’s something for our players that they resonate with. So, you’ll see the Elsas and the Jack Sparrows and sort of the blockbuster franchise characters.”

Raham continued: “But you’ll also see some dark horse picks that resonate with our audience. So, Scrooge McDuck is one. He hasn’t been in a movie for a while, but we talked to our players. They grew up watching DuckTales, like, ‘Scrooge is the man.’ So, there are choices like that that once you understand kind of the depth and the breadth of what Disney means to people and the way that we can bring that out in our game, it has kind of helped guide us in trying to give people an amazing experience that resonates with who they are now, as well as who they were when they were kids.”

On June 23rd, Disney Mirrorverse will be made available for iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play. Disney and Pixar characters are included in Kabam’s new team-based, action role-playing game.

As of now, what are your thoughts on the Disney Mirrorverse? Are you eagerly anticipating its June release? Let us know what you think in the comments, or if you’d prefer, you can contact me personally on Twitter at @rollinbishop!

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