Godaddy stock set to make a new high

World’s biggest domain registrar, Godaddy, had a great past couple of years. Under the leadership of current CEO, Scott Wagner, the giant continued to gain market share and launched new products to increase the top line offerings. In the last 3 years, GoDaddy also saw its revenue grow at 18% per year. All this got reflected in Godaddy’s stock price, and the stock soared 145% in the last three years. But apparently investors I guess are cashing out and this year’s stock performance isn’t that great and the stock is down 7.7% in this year.

Analysts are bullish on the stock now and gave an EPS( earnings per share) target of $0.06-0.30 for the share, with an average consensus of $0.17 and a stock price target of $88.62. This gives a potential of getting around 14.52% returns in a year by owning Godaddy stock now.

GoDaddy Inc. will release financial results for the second quarter onĀ Thursday, August 1, 2019, after the stock market closes.

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