Haunted Season 4: Is There Any Chances To Release In 2022?

The haunted series is a horror American web series and this is full of fantasy and creative series. This is reality tv series based on complete imagination, thrill, drama, and full of fear. The haunted season 1 was launched on the online streaming platform Netflix on 19th October 2018. After getting a positive response from the viewers then Netflix ordered a new sequel.

As a result, the Haunted season 2  premiered on Netflix on 11th October 2019. The Haunted series was getting successful again attracting viewers. Netflix did not make any delay for the next installment. The Haunted Season 3 was streamed on Netflix on 14th May 2021 and anybody can watch all seasons are currently streaming Online streaming Plateform Netflix.

Each Haunted season has six episodes which is a very good thing for the viewers. This was a mini-series and each episode has taken an estimated time of 30 minutes. People are happy with the mini-series but what about the Haunted Season 4? Well, in this post we are going to tell you a number of things related to the additional season, so be with us till the end.

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So, Is Haunted Season 4 Really Coming?

Haunted season 4 was stuck between the rumors that season 4 is renewed or not. But now we get information about season 4 will be renewed but its release date still has to announce. Season 4 not happening was frustrating the people. This was a relief and big hope for the viewers but they have to wait for the release date announcement.

If we discuss the ratings given by IMDB which were 4.6 out of 10, it is pretty good. On the hand, It got scores of 33% on the Rotten Tomatoes which was very poor. This was some lack in the haunted series. Still, it has a giant viewer base.

Viewers are demanding the next installment. That is why the creators made the announcement about releasing season 4. One thing is proved here rating sites have importance but not more than viewers’ demands. We can expect that the 4th installment will be under the scriptwriting process and hopefully season 4 will be launched later in 2022.

Haunted Season 4 Storyline: What To Expect From This Part?

Story flashback, these series have different stories in each episode which is fearful. If talk about the season first there is a white woman in the closed house when the family shifted there to living. The white lady hangs on the upper side and fears the family. In another episode, there was a ghost who lived in the base meant of my grandmother’s house basement. there were two girls living alone and growing with fears that the ghost will be harmed them.

Season 3  is based on a girl ghost and a boy ghost who lives in a town. A ghost girl lives with her grandfather and a ghost boy who has an ice cream head was her friend. They kidnap the children and all people were feared due ghosts will be kidnapped. The police were also searching for both of them. One brave lady police officer arrested a ghost girl. She told people a boy ghost can not kidnap the children without his friend.

Such kind of interesting stories doubles the pleasure. All seasons have full of adventure, illusion,  and thrill which is attracting people. That is why viewers are eagerly waiting for the next installment. We can expect that season 4 will be unique and maintain the interest of people.

Haunted Season 4 Cast: Who will get the opportunity To Be Back?

The haunted story’s first three seasons were fabulous and full of fantasy. All seasons were different stories with different characters. So casts who played a role very well and expected casts can be repeated in the next installment are mentioned below:

Main Characters

  1. Vanda Chaloupkova as Haiden
  2. Hana Baronova as Haiden’s Mother
  3. Vojtech Hyzdal as Haiden’s Father
  4. Jan Papirnik as Austin
  5. Natalie Onderkova as Holly
  6. Janek Gregor as Tommy
  7. Natalie Onderkova as Holly
  8. Johana Vanova as Goth Girl
  9. Jakub Gelnar as Rough Guy – 1
  10. David Navratil as Rough Guy –

Supporting Actors

  1. Alexander Becka as Skater
  2. Josef Rarach as Demon
  3. Billy Rayner as Drew
  4. Kristen T. King as Alicia’s Mother
  5. Jason Hawkins as Self–Ghost Witness
  6. Vasiliki-Helena Kawadia as Young Lindsey
  7. Karolina Lea Novakova as Young
  8. Kristen T. King as Alicia’s Mother
  9. Jason Hawkins as Self–Ghost Witness
  10. Vasiliki-Helena Kawadia as Young Lindsey
  11. Karolina Lea Novakova as Young Erin
  12. Terrilyn as Self
  13. Petra Buckova as Eryn’s Mother
  14. Michaela Hraska as Lindsey’s Mother
  15. Jacob as Self – Terrilyn’s Nephew and Sadie’s Son
  16. Jason Reynolds as Self – Jason’s Best Friend

Some More Roles

  1. Tamara as Self – Jason’s Daughter
  2. Tracey as Self – Terrilyn’s Friend
  3. Cari as Self – Terrilyn’s Friend
  4. Erin as Self – Jason’s Girlfriend
  5. Martina Kapickova as Anne
  6. Jiri Roskot as Robert

Haunted Season 4 Trailer

The haunted season is still not announced and there is no trailer released before the release date announcement. But you can enjoy the old trailer’s flashback.

Haunted Series Reviews

Fiona Hillary

Premium storytelling and the best recreation true story show on tv. These episodes are like mini-movies and they’re even scarier because of how authentic and emotional the real-life share circle is. looking forward to watching this season.
I’m so disappointed in the third season. 😞 The first season was CRAZY the stories they had, and the second season had episodes that were absolutely terrifying… While watching this 3rd season I was left feeling like I was still waiting for the climatic scary parts and then the credits would roll 😒
Pavan Kalyan Prince
Horror doesn’t mean to watch people getting scared … instead, it’s about scaring the people who are watching that, most shows and movies don’t get this nowadays.


The haunted series is unique series where each episode contains a different story. Before this series, we did not see such kind of series. it was awesome series where different-different casts played a role very efficiently. We can expect that the next installment will come with more adventure and fantasy. We are keeping an eye on the season 4 update and every news of season 4 will be updated in our article.

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