Is Bobby Shmurda Gay? The Truth About His S*xuality

Bobby Shmurda is a famous American rapper known for Brooklyn drill music, and he’s a pioneer alongside Rowdy Rebel. He became a global sensation in 2014 with his hit song “Hot Nigga,” which reached number six on the Billboard Hot 100.

Because of this success, Shmurda got a record deal with Epic Records, and he released his first EP, “Shmurda She Wrote,” in November 2014.

Recently, rumors have been circulating on social media regarding his s*xuality. In this article, we will explore the claims and try to determine whether there is any truth to them.

Is Bobby Shmurda Gay?

No, Bobby Shmurda is not gay. Even though there are rumors online, there’s no real proof that he is gay. People started talking when a video came out in September 2022, showing him having a friendly moment with another guy. They were chatting under a blanket, and some fans began wondering about Shmurda’s s*xuality.

Is Bobby Shmurda Gay

But the artist quickly responded to the online talk, explaining that the interaction was related to an upcoming tour. They also talked about how labels and media stories can be manipulative.

Before this happened, people had already wondered about Bobby Shmurda’s s*xual orientation. In December 2021, Cardi B used Twitter to support him. Fans had been guessing about his s*xuality because of his dance moves.

It’s important to know that Shmurda has always said he’s not bis*xual or gay. He’s been rumored to date different women, but there’s no clear proof that he’s anything other than straight. So, it seems like there might be some misunderstandings about his relationships.

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Who is Bobby Shmurda Dating?

Bobby Shmurda isn’t dating anyone right now. In April 2021, there were rumors about him dating a girl after a TikTok video of them went viral. The video, shared by The Shade Room on Instagram, showed Bobby with a girl in animal print clothing.

She turned out to be a TikTok and Instagram user named Lilly. Lilly, who seems to be a model, has an Instagram account with over 5,000 followers, where she sometimes posts revealing photos.

People talked about Lilly working as a dancer at a popular club and being into music, which might be how she and Bobby met. But Bobby said he didn’t know Lilly, despite what people were saying.

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