Is David Muir Gay? Who Is Muir Dating Now?

Is David Muir Gay: The sexual orientation of David Muir has long been a source of discussion. We shall talk about the rumors about his sexual orientation in the context of this blog post. Do you think David Muir is gay? It’s a thought that has been circling the minds of many people lately.

Wild rumors about him have been all over the internet, with some people passionately insisting that he must be gay given that he has never been married and has never had any children.

But are the assertions made backed up by any evidence? Let’s examine the material and see what inferences we can make about David Muir’s sexuality and orientation from what we discover.

Who Is David Muir?

Everyone wishes they could spend more time with dedicated journalists like David Muir, from straight ladies to homosexual males. Since I first saw him on television, I’ve had a huge crush on him.

His charisma, humor, and good looks have helped him get jobs as an ABC News anchor since he was a young boy in Syracuse. David’s birth date was November 9, 1973, and he was reared in Onondaga Hill. His parents are Ronald Muir and Pat Mills.

English, Irish, and other ancestries are part of David Muir’s multiethnic heritage. His two stepbrothers and one older sister are both named Rebecca, and he is the youngest of three kids. He went to Park Middle and Elementary Schools.

I’ve observed that the majority of boys my age spend their free time watching television and playing on playgrounds. However, David was a unique youngster. His dream job was to become a journalist.

He recalled how, when he was younger, his father would drive him to Los Angeles so they could hang out at TV production facilities in a recent interview at He remembered from the interview, “Begging them to take me to that TV station when other kids go out to do other things…”

David frequently watched the news around six o’clock. When he was younger, he even pretended to be the anchor of ABC World News Tonight. David was so passionate about the media that he dressed up like one for Halloween. The entire statement foretold his demise.

Is David Muir Gay
Is David Muir, Gay

David decided to pursue a degree in journalism after graduating from high school since he liked the industry so much. He proceeded to acquire a BA in journalism after finishing his journalism coursework at Ithaca College. He progressed from there to become ABC News’ top-rated correspondent.

Is David Muir Gay?

Many other renowned individuals, including David Muir, have been the focus of rumors that they are homosexual. A rumor that he was dating ABC employee Gio Benitez circulated in 2014, according to the report.

It was rumored that this relationship had broken up. The media started covering it once they were captured in a photo together. Nevertheless, Gio Benitez and Tommy DiDario shared a s*xual attitude in their partnership.

There have also been claims that David has been frequenting gay bars in New York City and other LGBT-friendly establishments. since there is no proof that David ever had a companion, such as a wife or a girlfriend, in his life. You can also check Kelly Clarkson’s divorce and Donnie Wahlberg’s.

David Muir’s Relationships History

The famous journalist and Gio Benitez, an ABC News colleague, were said to be long-term partners in 2015. They would frequently hang out together and post photos on social media. Gio is openly gay, so fans inferred more from the pictures and thought they were dating.

Despite their prolonged friendship, neither David nor Gio ever addressed the rumors that they were dating. On September 17, 2015, however, Gio and Tommy DiDario became engaged. A tiny ceremony in Miami, Florida saw the couple exchange vows, putting an end to any lingering rumors that David and Gio were dating.

On September 10 of the same year, Kate Dries, a former deputy editor at Jezebel, announced her relationship with David Muir. She made passing mention of their initial encounter and romance in an article titled Report Indicates My Boyfriend David Muir Is a “Monster.”

She continued by adding a few of his Instagram images and claiming to be the photographer. Since the article’s publication, they haven’t been related to one another. The news anchor has never confirmed or denied Kate’s assertions, and she hasn’t brought up the subject again.

Because of this, fans believed that they had broken up or that Kate was joking when she claimed to be David Muir’s girlfriend.

Who Is David Muir Dating Now?

He has recently been connected to Sean, a mysterious man. According to reports, the unidentified individual is aussieBum’s founder and managing director. There is, however, no evidence of this supposed connection or marriage, unlike all of his other alleged partnerships.

He is close friends with American media personality and actress Kelly Ripa. They frequently appear in David’s posts together, and each time, the subtitles emphasize how much they cherish and care for one another.

There had been rumors of anything more between them for some time. However, Kelly and actor Mark Consuelos have been wed since 1996. Although Kelly and David Muir are excellent friends and frequently hang out with one other’s families, Kelly is not David Muir’s partner.

Does David Muir Have Children?

Muir has close familial ties despite not having any kids. Pictures of his nieces and nephews, whom he refers to as his “squad,” are all over his Instagram. Rebecca is David’s older sister, and he also has two step-siblings. He lives with his dog Axel and is very close to his mother Pat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did David Muir do?

The Associated Press recognized Muir for his reporting on the September 11, 2001, attacks in New York and gave him an Edward R. Murrow Award, one of many that he would later receive.

Are Kelly Ripa and David Muir friends?

David Muir and Kelly Ripa have been good friends for a long time. The ABC stars are constantly there for one another, and Kelly even singled out David in her most recent book, Live Wire, calling him the "backbone and moral compass I need occasionally."

How old is David Muir?

He is 49 years old.

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