Who Is Morgan Stark In Avengers Endgame? (LATEST UPDATES)

Tony and Pepper Stark welcomed a daughter called Morgan into their family in Avengers: Endgame. Morgan Stark has a Marvel Comics counterpart, although it’s a different version of the character than the one seen in Endgame. To learn more about Morgan Stark and how she might fit into the MCU’s future, please continue reading below.

Morgan Stark The Comics

Morgan Stark’s comic book and MCU portrayals of the character are nearly indistinguishable. The character depicted in the comic book is Tony’s cousin. And he has strong animosity toward his blood relation. For the sake of his father, Morgan believes Howard Stark tricked him out of his position as an executive at Stark Industries. So, Morgan is driven by a desire to exact revenge on Tony and rob his cousin of his business.

He doesn’t know that Edward gave up his ownership in the company voluntarily. All of Morgan’s animosity toward Howard and Howard’s son results from a naive miscommunication. When it comes to Tony Stark, Morgan has been a constant source of aggravation for many years now. Having some of the Stark family’s intelligence rub off on him is a big assist. His initial appearance, for example, had him wearing an Iron Man-inducing visor. When Morgan took over Tony’s arsenal, he unleashed an army of armored vehicles against his cousin.

The Ultimate Universe line of Marvel comics included a new Morgan Stark. The Red Devil, a terrorist leader, kidnaps Tony and Morgan, and other hostages in this realm. To get Tony to surrender his technology, Morgan is executed. Instead, he constructs a suit of armor and flees. Ho Yinsen, Tony’s mentor, is a stand-in for Morgan in this incarnation.

Morgan Stark MCU Future

Your mind probably wanders to the Morgan Stark presented in Avengers: Endgame at this moment. The short answer is that it’s doubtful it does. Tony and Pepper’s decision to name their daughter Morgan after the comic book character Morgan seems to be purely coincidental. Morgan’s portrayal in Endgame, on the other hand, does not imply that she would one-day vow vengeance against the Stark family.

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On top of everything, Tony has already gone. Assuming Morgan makes another appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can only assume she’ll be pursuing a similar career path as her father, who was a superhero in his own right. As a result, she may be more like Riri Williams, a fictional figure who briefly assumed the identity of Iron Man before renaming herself Ironheart. Her response to JARVIS and FRIDAY is a digital replica of Tony’s consciousness. There is a good chance that Morgan may discover that her father left a piece of himself behind to help guide her through her life’s journey.

Morgan Stark
Morgan Stark

A modest role in the MCU’s continuity would also allow Robert Downey Jr to continue his presence. Endgame actress Lexi Rabe, who portrays Morgan in the film, seems a little too young to be donning Iron Man armor. Time travel or going ahead in the MCU timeline are likely options for Marvel Studios if they want to make Morgan an important character. What are the chances? Perhaps she might join a Young Avengers squad in the MCU, which is becoming more and more realistic. Alternatively, Morgan may only have a minor role in the MCU, with Marvel shifting their focus toward someone like Ironheart as Tony’s official successor.

Although many fans believe that 13 Reasons Why actress Katherine Langford was cast as an older Morgan Stark, the show’s creators have not confirmed this. As far back as October of last year, rumors were circulating that Langford had been cast in Endgame and had finished filming some of her sequences. Langford didn’t appear in the picture, although it’s likely that her scenes were removed sometime in the production process.

A younger Morgan Stark could have been in the works, but Marvel veered away from that idea. This doesn’t exclude Langford’s reappearance in another MCU project in the future.

Two Morgans From The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Morgan Stark may still appear in the MCU in a more conventional form, even though it’s a long shot. In Infinity War, Tony brings up the possibility of naming his unborn child Morgan after Pepper’s crazed uncle Morgan. In addition to foreshadowing a significant plot point in Endgame, this talk could be laying the groundwork for a new Stark family adversary.

Morgan Stark is Played By a Different Actor

Her name is Alexandra Rachael Rabe and she is expected to appear in the upcoming Godzilla: King of the Monsters. She’s a total babe and a huge Instagram fan. She also shared photos at the Endgame premiere in Los Angeles. This weekend’s box office is expected to be a smashing success for Endgame. It’s already on track to become the most successful film of all time at the box office when it opens on April 25 in the United Kingdom and April 26 in the United States.

Even though we don’t know much more about Morgan Potts than that, it’s simple to imagine a character who resembles the comic book version of Morgan Stark. Because of Tony’s demise, maybe now is his chance to claim Stark Industries as his own. So, when Tony’s daughter is given that authority instead, Morgan Potts could become obsessed with harming his niece.

He’d be her Tony Stark’s Obadiah Stane. There is no mention of a Morgan Stark-driven MCU movie or series taking place at this time. As long as it doesn’t employ time travel to neatly age up Tony and Pepper’s daughter, there could be value in examining this family feud.

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