My Hero Academia Release Season 6, Cast, Is It Coming In 2022?

A manga of the same name served as the basis for the Japanese anime series My Hero Academia. Illustrated The story, which Kohei Horikoshi created, centers on a teenage boy who aspires to be a superhero but was not endowed with superhuman abilities. So we are going to make an article concerning My Hero Academia Release Season 6 cast, When will be released and more information.

The manga’s first edition was released in 2014, and the creator has continued to produce new volumes. There has always been the evident likelihood that the show might advance its chapters because it is currently continuing its plot. Now that the sixth season has concluded, fans are looking at it.

In this article, we conclude the information regarding the My Hero Academia Release Season 6 premise, cast, trailer, and more detailed information. So, read the complete article to know more.

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My Hero Academia Release Season 6 Premise

Izuku Midoriya, a young man with heroic aspirations who is tormented by his violent childhood buddy Katsuki Bakugo because he lacks a Quirk, is the main character of the show. Both young people look up to All Might, one of history’s greatest heroes, whom they both had the pleasure of meeting. Izuku was one of the select few to be informed of the serious injury All Might had been hiding from the public in order to keep his morale up.

As a result of seeing Izuku’s perseverance in the face of risk, All Might also unfold the details of his quirk, “One For All,” and gives it to him as a successor. Izuku begins his journey to becoming a hero as he enrolls in U.A. High School with Bakugo and the companions they make in Class 1-A.

My Hero Academia Release Season 6 Cast

My Hero Academia continues to be close regarding its cast, but we anticipate that the voice performers from the first five seasons will return for the sixth as well. This is our list of performers we expect to return to the show, however until we have official confirmation, there will be some additions and other characters will be eliminated.

Character Japanese Voice Actor
Izuku Deku Midoriya Daiki Yamashita
Toshinori All Mimght Yagi Kenta Miyake
Hanta Sero Kiyotaka Furushima
Katsuki Bakugo Nobuhiki Okamoto
Ochako Uraraka Ayane Sakura
Ten’ya lida Kaito Ishikawa
Shoto Todoroki Yuki Kaji
Tsuyu Asui Aoi Yuuki
Minoru Mineta Ryo Hirohashi
Momo Yaoyorozu Marina Inoue
Fumikage Tokoyami Yoshimasa Hosoya
Eijiro Kirishima Toshiki Masuda
Denki Kaminari Tasuku Hatanaka
Shota, Eraser Head Aizawa Jun’ichi Suwade
All For One/ Shigaraki Akio Otsuka
Tomura Shigaraki Koki Uchiyama
Jin Bubaigawara Daichi Endou
Toya Todoroki Hiro Shimono
Himiko Toga Misato Fukuen
Muscular Kosuke Takaguchi
Kai Chisaki Kenjiro Tsuda
Chizome Akaguro Go Inoue
Danjuro Tobita Koichi Yamadera

My Hero Academia Release Season 6

My Hero Academia’s fifth season came to a close on September 25, 2021. The sixth season of the show was announced at the end of that episode, which wasn’t very surprising given how well-liked it was. Since the anime series initially gave away very little information, we had to wait until December’s Jump Festa 22 event to learn more.

My Hero Academia will be coming soon, it was announced during the event. The season is set to launch in the fall of 2022, which is a little later than usual considering that the five seasons that have already shown have typically debuted in the spring of their respective years.

My Hero Academia Release Season 6: Is it Coming?

My Hero Academia is incredibly popular. Every year, a number of famous anime programs are launched, but My Hero Academia stands out for all the wrong reasons. The anime has a huge fan base, which explains why there has been so much discussion regarding a potential sixth season.

The series’ future has already been speculated upon by fans, and the officials released an official confirmation without delay. The anime show will return for a sixth season, according to the news. Season 6 of My Hero Academia is now available. The anime series My Hero Academia release Season 6 has already begun production and will be released very shortly.

When It Will Be Released?

Fortunately, My Hero, Academia is a very well-liked anime, which is why the studio is supporting its production. The sixth official renewal of the series has left fans incredibly eager for the next installment to air. The show is officially verified to be under production in the statement. The release date has caught the interest of the viewers. We are aware of the tweets announcing the anime’s return in October 2022.

My Hero Academia Releasing In 2022
My Hero Academia Releasing In 2022

Additionally, it has been reported that the show would premiere its sixth season earlier than scheduled. The performance is starting considerably sooner than anticipated for some fans. Thanks to the yearly Hero Fes Events for the show, the creators will stream the episodes online. For the remainder of the global audience, the My Hero Academia release season 6  will undoubtedly air in October 2022. The actual release date is unknown, but I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.


At Jump Festa, My Hero Academia also released its Season 6 trailer. The brief trailer, which comes after Season 5’s apparent quiet before the storm, previews the upcoming war. The highly awaited “Paranormal Liberation War” arc, which includes some famous fights and devastating angst, is the conclusion of everything that has gone before. View the trailer down below.

We hope you have found all the relevant information about My Hero Academia Release Season 6, and other information, if you need the latest information then stay tuned with us.

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