MY NAME SEASON 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

My name is the famous Korean series that gained its popularity on Netflix after squid games. Nowadays, viewers are much more interested in Korean series, and no doubt it’s blowing off the top records for NetFlix.

Today we will update you on a Korean show called my name, in which the story of a girl is characterized as the lead who watched her father dying in front of her bare eyes and is in search of the answer to the questions regarding her father’s death. 

The show gained lots of popularity based on its deep content and thrilling adventures. 

This Korean show has conquered all over social media. It’s a show worth the watch. The actors seem to be well maintained and too qualified to fit in their roles. One of them is the famous Han S0-Hee from Nevertheless. 

My name is season 2. Release date

The first season was released this year on the 15th of October. It is comprised of a total of eight episodes, the show has been one of the top viewed, and there is a confirmation that due to the popularity, a second season will be cast soon. The release date for season 2 of my name is said to be exactly a year later, in October 2022.


The cast of ‘MY NAME’ season 2

The gorgeous Han So Hee has always proved her adaptability and functionality as an actress. She is seen playing the female lead along with Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Hee Soon as her co-stars. This gorgeous lady has won the public’s hearts with her mind-blowing acting, and not to forget, her combat skills are worth the fame.

Other than them, we see change ryul, rich ting and yull jang working in the show.

The storyline of the show ‘MY NAME’

The series was previously named Underground, which was later changed into My name. This show seems to follow the lifelong journey of an orphan girl named Yoon-Ji-woo, who is seen as a member of an organization famous by its name Dongcheng; Yoon-Ji-woo lost her father in murder saw it happening with her own eyes and believes that a cop has killed her father. So she decides to be a cop to seek revenge. She takes all kinds of risks to get this job and looks for the maximum information to avenge her father’s death which has not been an easy task for her. The real part begins when she has to sieve between good and bad, she has to decide whom to trust and whom to judge. She needs to be careful as we see that there are people after her, and she also needs to find the righteous killer.

Now discussing the second season, viewers will see how the series unfolds the tragic reality of yoon-Ji-woo’s life. We can only assume all kinds of stories as it is not official yet, and we are not aware of the future content, but this is much more thrilling as we do not have any idea, which is making fans much more curious.

Till then, you can watch all the episodes of season 1 of my name on Netflix and make sure you stick to our site for future updates on the show.

What to expect from ‘MY NAME’ season 2?

Fans around the world are expecting a season two after viewing the starling fights in the show. They are seeking much more now, keeping the review and demands in mind. It is very much expected that there will be a season 2 release in October 2022 on Netflix. 

Trailer of MY NAME season 2

The moment the season one teaser was released, people started expecting a lot more from the show, which no doubt has been given to them. The storyline was pretty clear in the first trailer about the lonely girl seeking revenge and getting caught up with worldly affairs.

Unfortunately, the fans will have to wait a bit for season 2’s trailer.

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