Namecheap asks ICANN to reconsider its decision to remove price caps for .org & .info

One of the biggest domain registrars out there, Namecheap has filed for a reconsideration request to ICANN to take another look at ICANN’s recent decision to remove price caps on certain TLDs. ICANN in a decision taken in June end, removed price caps from .org & .info.

Namecheap claims to have been affected from this decision and has said that they also represent the interests of the domain registrants who will be severely affected by this decision.

The company wrote:

Namecheap is submitting this reconsideration request to protect the rights and interests of Namecheap’s customers and the entire internet community. Price caps for legacy TLDs have been an integral longstanding foundation for the domain name marketplace, and removing them will result in uncertainty and confusion at a minimum, and in the worst case, increased costs for domain registrants worldwide.

It would be interesting to see how ICANN responds to this request. They are meeting in November and are expected to hear and discuss this request there.

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