OneManga. Com goes to pending delete status

This isn’t so common that once super popular website’s domain name is up for auction. I was in search
of a couple of domain names which are up for auction when I noticed that OneManga. com was under
undone delete status. Which indicates that the domain name will probably go to auction a the drop
catching service which is capable of catching it.

OneManga.Com one of the famous Manga websites was
there until almost 2010, based on an article on CBR. com. Based on the entry of Wikipedia entry of
Manga, “Graphic comics or novels are denoted as Manga. Creators prefer the Japanese language,
in a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century. Pre-history in earlier Japanese art is long and complex. Manga term in Japan is a word used to refer to both comics and
By which I can collect, OneManga. Com was the most famous Manga website before it got shuttered. There
occurred a nostalgic conversation thread about on Reddit with more than 200
During the period of launching there were 20 bids and counting at NameJet, and the number of bidders
on was unknown. I can observe that Estibot values the domain name at $7,300. It’s
interesting to track an aftermarket domains value increase limit.

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