Oregon After Measure 114 Was Passed Gun Sales Increased!

Oregon After Measure 114 Was Passed Gun Sales Increased: The new, stricter gun laws in Oregon that are about to go into effect in December, Measure 114, have stirred up strong emotions in Warren Lacasse. Owner of Southeast Portland’s The Gun Room Inc. Lacasse stated, “Anytime you endanger people’s rights, you’re going to run into trouble.”

I find it incomprehensible that anyone would give up their right to the Second Amendment. Since Measure 114 was approved by Oregon voters last week, according to Lacasse, the number of people wanting to purchase firearms has increased significantly throughout the state as well as at his business.

Before election day, the Oregon State Police reported conducting 850 background checks on potential gun buyers on average each day. With an existing backed-up system, that average has now increased exponentially to slightly over 4,000 thousand each day.

Oregon After Measure 114 Was Passed Gun Sales Increased
Oregon After Measure 114 Was Passed Gun Sales Increased

How do you feel? People are reacting as though you cannot believe they are going to take away your liberties, said Lacasse. Measure 114 does not restrict the ability to own a firearm. High-capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds are prohibited from being sold new, but there is an exception for people who already own such magazines.

The new permission process is the more significant change. Even for individuals who currently possess a concealed handgun license, it necessitates safety training, a background check, and a cost. Since Measure 114 goes into effect on December 8, OSP doesn’t have much time to finish a standard permit application for it.

If you don’t already own a firearm, Lacasse advised purchasing one right now. Raise Your Voices The group behind Measure 114 is called Oregon. Reverend Mark Knutson expressed his gratitude to everyone who assisted in getting it passed when it passed.

As we go, Knutson stated, “We truly want a discourse with those who are opposed to this, and we value their ideas.” But we did achieve a victory for our children and young people, as well as for all the families in this state who have been pleading with lawmakers to take action on behalf of those who have lost loved ones to gun violence.

Lawsuits that could delay or even prevent the new law from going into force are being discussed by critics. Lacasse responded, “You know, this thing ain’t over. We’ll see what happens, but it is wholly unconstitutional. The issue of how police will implement the new gun law is also hotly contested.

If the bill becomes effective, the sheriffs of Union County and Linn County have both declared they won’t enforce it. Due to a lack of resources, Marion County’s sheriff indicated his office would not concentrate its inquiries on magazine capacity problems.

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