Peter Nygard Net Worth, Business, Disputes, Early Life, And Bio (Quick Update)

Peter Nygard was famous a famous businessman in Canada. He got fame as a Finnish-Canadian fashion executive who was born in Hikka, Finland. Passion and work hard are the key points of this fashion tycoon.

The fashion industry has a big place in the market and there his brand has a big hold on woman’s fashion wear with a brand name is Nygard International. All kinds of women’s clothes are manufactured in his company.

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Peter Nygard Early Life

Peter Nygard’s birthplace was Helsinki, Finland but there is confusion about the date of birth either 1941 or 1943 still not clear. Eeli and Hikka were his parents were moved to Canada in 1952 for a better life. They worked as bakers in the bakery for their living and settled down in Winnipeg.

Peter was a child when he came to Canada, so his schooling was done in Canada. He graduated with a business degree from the University of North Dakota in 1964.

Peter Nygard’s Marriage life: His marriage life was so interesting. He dated eight different-different girlfriends and have 10 children from them.

Peter Nygard Career

After completing his study he got his first job as a sales executive in a clothes company name Jacobs which manufacture denim for women. Later he was promoted to sales manager. Peter surprised everyone by purchasing a 20% share in the company from the owner of Nathan Jacob. For this, he has savings of around 8000 dollars and took the loan.

After a few years, all stakes in Jacob’s company were bought the Peter which was a big achievement for him. Later in 1997, he started a new manufacturing company which is named Nygard International. That was extended all over the united states in 1978. The company headquarters is located in Manhattan’s Times Square, and all corporate decisions are taken from the headquarters.

Nygard International generates annual revenue of 500 million dollars which earns a handsome profit. The company leads with big manpower of 12,000 employees all over the world and has 200 outlets in North America only. His company also sells its products through Dillards, Costco, Walmart, and more.

Peter Nygard Bio


Full Name Pekka Juhani Nygard
Celebrated Name Peter Nygard
Birthday 24 July 1941 or 1943 (Disputed)
Age 80 years
Birth Place Helsinki, Finland
Nationality Finnish, Canadian
Father-Mother Eeli Nygard-Hilkka Nygard
Marital Status Divorced
Wife Carol Knight (Ex)
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 78 Kg
Peter Nygard Net Worth $900 million

Peter Nygard Charity

Peter is also interested in charity and helping needy people. He set up his charitable trust which works for helping needy children and women. Breast cancer was a big problem now a day and its research needs a good amount of money, peter donates for the research and treatment and donates to some other foundations that are working for humanity.

He loves sports and supported the Bahamas’ Amateur Boxing Federation team and some other teams.

Peter Nygard Controversy

In the Bahamas, he was allegedly for the rape of 10 women and filed a case against him at his oceanfront mansion in February 2020. This happened at his oceanfront mansion and accused him of recruiting under 16 girls and operating a sex racket. He denied all allegations. He also has some girls or models on his tours.

Peter is fond of parties and his staff maintained a list of 700 to 800 women for the invitation to his lavish parties. His property was burnt by fire in the Bahamas but he alleged on his neighbor. There were millions of dollars were spent on court cases.

Peter Nygard’s Net Worth

Peter Nygard is a Canadian business tycoon. He is a passionate and enthusiastic personality. He has a total estimated net worth of $900 million which was earned from his core fashion business. As per Canadian Business Magazine printed his net worth of  $750 million. Now he was the 70th richest person in the world, he comes to the top list in net worth in Canada. He also invested in the stock market and has big assets of property which costs around 100 million dollars.

Final Words

Peter got success and build his name in the world as a fashion tycoon. This happened due to his creative mind and long-lasting thought. Everyone wants fame and success but you have to start work for becoming rich. His fashionable women’s wear was most liked by the women and enjoying his life at the age of 80.

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