Who Is Ralph Macchio Wife Phyllis Fierro? (UPDATED)

Phyllis Fierro: She is Ralph Macchio’s wife, and he is most known for his portrayal as the Karate Kid in The Karate Kid. Phyllis and Ralph Macchio, her high school sweetheart, have been married since 1987. They have two successful and well-adjusted kids.

Who is Phyllis Fierro?

Phyllis Fierro’s spouse is a well-known Hollywood actor, making her a household name. My Cousin Vinny was one of many films on which Ralph Phyllis worked, as well as Crossroads in 1992, Up the Academy in 1980, and Distant Thunder in 1988, among others.

Phyllis Fierro is her true name, and her nickname is Fierro. Fierro is the nickname given to him by members of Phyllis Fierro’s family and close friends. Phyllis Fierro works as a nurse in the United States.

Phyllis Fierro Age

On July 23, 1960, Phyllis Fierro was born in the United States. As of the year 2022, she will have reached the age of 62. She is a native of the United States and has lived here all her life. Fierro is an American national who adores her home country.

Phyllis Fierro Body Measurements

This unassuming individual stands at a height of 66 inches and weighs about 60 kilograms (132 lbs). Similarly, she appears to be in good physical shape, but no specifics regarding her body measurements have been released to the public. Similarly, she is fair-skinned with dark brown eyes, and her hair is dark black.

Phyllis Fierro Education

Phyllis Fierro’s educational background is unknown to us. The more information we can get regarding her school and college days, the better.

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Phyllis Fierro Family

Phyllis grew up in the United States of America, where she was born and raised. We were unable to locate any information about her family because it is not available to the general public. The parents of Phyllis are still unknown, for this reason. She may also not have any siblings. However, this area will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

Phyllis Fierro Husband

Phyllis is open and honest when it comes to disclosing whether or not she is currently in a relationship. At the age of 16, she met Ralph Macchio, her future husband. Ralph was introduced to her by her grandmother when she was just 15 years old, and the two became inseparable.

During her time with Ralph in her late teens, she went on to pursue a job. Afterward, she worked as a nurse in her hometown’s hospital while Ralph pursued a career as an actor after completing his education.

Phyllis Fierro
Phyllis Fierro

Similarly, on April 5, 1987, they tied the knot after a courtship of nearly a decade. Likewise, Julia and Daniel Macchio, who was born in 1992 and 1996, are the couple’s only children. Their father had a successful career in the entertainment industry, and both sons followed suit. Julia, the couple’s oldest daughter, was born in 1992.

For her roles in Girl Most Likely and Stella’s Last Weekend, she has become a well-known dancer and actress. His second child, Daniel, was born in 1996. For his father, The Karate Kid, Daniel was given the name Daniel. In addition to acting, he’s a composer and has appeared in films including “From the Center of the Crowd.” On social media, the kids frequently post about their parents, who they see as heroes.

Phyllis Fierro Career

American actress Phyllis Fierro was born on July 23, 1960. Ralph Macchio’s grandmother introduced her to him when she was just 16 years old. Ralph, who was 15 at the time, instantly became fast friends with Ralph. A profession in medicine became Phyllis’ primary goal once she finished high school and began dating Ralph. In the meantime, Ralph made his acting debut in 1980 at the age of 19 after taking a screen test.

When Ralph was cast as Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid in 1984, he became a household name in the world of martial arts cinema and television. When it came to Phyllis Fierro’s future, she had decided to pursue a profession in medicine. After graduating from college, she began working as a nurse at a nearby hospital.

Phyllis Fierro Net worth

Phyllis is a nurse by trade when it comes to her net worth and earnings. On the other hand, she is worth an estimated $1 million.

Phyllis Fierro on Social Media

Since her arrival on the scene, Phyllis Fierro has managed to avoid the public eye. The mother of two has kept a low profile since her marriage to a well-known Hollywood actor. Her husband and children are the only ones who know what she likes and dislikes. She and her husband, actor Ralph Macchio, currently reside in Long Island, New York.

Facts about Phyllis Fierro

  • As far as we know, Phyllis was born on this day in the year 1960 in the USA.
  • This unassuming individual stands at a height of 66 inches and weighs about 60 kilograms (132 lbs).
  • Only a handful of movies have been made starring Phyllis Fierro. She devotes more time to the medical profession.
  • As previously mentioned, Phyllis works as a nurse.
  • She’s a wonderful mother who always has your back no matter what you go through. Most people know that mothers all across the world are very protective of their children. For her part, mom Phyllis lets her kids be their people.
  • Fierro is a kind person by nature, and her desire to help others led her to pursue a career in health care.
  • Phyllis Fierro, the famous husband’s wife, has a lucrative career and makes a good living from it.
  • As a full-time nurse practitioner, she makes between $99,000 and $109,000 each year.
  • Ralph’s grandmother introduced Ralph to Phyllis Fierro.
  • Phyllis and her family — Ralph and their two children — are doing just fine right now. They had their first child in 1992, a daughter named Julia.
  • There are numerous social networking sites where Ralph Macchio’s famous wife, Phyllis Fierro, may be found online.

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