Predictions From AEW MJF Will Be Major Event

Predictions From AEW MJF Will Be Major Event: This Wednesday, AEW Dynamite returns to TBS from Cleveland, Ohio for another live broadcast. Several high-caliber, perhaps pay-per-view-worthy fights are scheduled for this week’s edition.

Matches for the AEW Title unification, the Trios Title tournament, a father-son grudge match, and the main event between Dax Harwood and Jay Lethal will all take place on this episode of AEW’s premier program. What’s more, Britt Baker will return to action as well, facing off against Kylynn King.

With the September 4th pay-per-view All Out quickly approaching, this show will play a crucial role in solidifying the matches that will be featured at the event. Let’s look at the announced match card for this week’s AEW Dynamite.

Aussie Open vs. Death Triangle

This week, Death Triangle takes against Will Ospreay and Aussie Open in an important match for the AEW Trios Title. The very skilled NJPW trio will be making another appearance on AEW television, so this bout should be a lot of fun to watch.

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Given the exclusion of other AEW trios teams, the participation of Ospreay and Aussie Open comes as something of a surprise. Unless there’s more to the story than a simple three-on-three competition, that is.

Since it would be counterproductive for the contractual AEW talent to lose on AEW television to talent from NJPW, Death Triangle will proceed in this case. An angry Will Ospreay will head to the microphone at All Out to challenge Pac for the All Atlantic Title after one of Aussie Open’s members takes the pinfall. Conclusion: The Death Triangle has won.

Jay Lethal vs. Dax Harwood

Dax Harwood and Jay Lethal, two of the best active ring performers, will square off in what promises to be an exciting bout.n  Dax Harwood has established himself as a leading candidate for 2022’s Wrestler of the Year.

His performance in the ring has been outstanding, whether in a one-on-one or tag-team setting, to the point that spectators now have much higher standards for matches in which Harwood is a participant. We should expect the same intensity from Harwood and Jay Lethal on Wednesday.

Harwood hasn’t won many one-on-one bouts despite his talent, and he should lose this one as well. Tag team matchups are FTR’s specialty, while singles bouts are Lethal’s bread and butter.

If Sonjay Dutt or Satnam Singh interfere, Lethal will still look terrific, and their forthcoming trio’s bout at All Out will be more interesting because of the added element of surprise. Jay Leno comes out on top.

Billy Gunn vs Colten Gunn

This week, Billy Gunn will square off against Colten Gunn, his son, continuing the bizarre case of the Gunn family. Austin and Colten Gunn, the brothers, are two natural heels at this point in their young careers.

Breaking up with the Acclaimed, who were suddenly becoming extremely popular, was a logical move. While the breakup with their dad does not affect their relationship with each other.

The Gunn Club, playing the role of the heel, might use a numerical edge in their conflict with the Acclaimed, but by turning on their father they have sacrificed this advantage. One might also make the case that, at this point in their careers, Billy is receiving more enthusiastic responses from the audience than either of his sons.

It doesn’t make much sense unless it’s a trap to get the Acclaimed to relax their guard. Furthermore, considering the different stages of their respective jobs, it seems inconceivable that Billy would cheat on either of his sons. The Gunn sons will likely beat their father, setting up a showdown with the Acclaimed for the All Out pot. Colten Gunn, the victor

Britt Baker vs Kylynn King

For this week’s episode of Dynamite, everyone’s favorite dentist, Britt Baker, will take on Kylynn King.

The level of competition in this game shouldn’t be sky-high. King will score some points, but Baker should win the match easily.

Despite the fact that a contest between Toni Storm and Thunder Rosa has been officially announced for the All Out PPV, I have a feeling that Britt Baker will sneak her way into the bout as well. How exactly she does this remains to be seen, but it will begin with a victory over Kylynn King. Britt Baker is the victor.

Jon Moxley vs. CM Punk for the AEW World Title

The unification match for the AEW World Title between interim champion Jon Moxley and the current champion CM Punk will be the night’s most anticipated matchup on Dynamite.

Prior to Tony Khan surprising AEW fans by booking this bout for this week’s Dynamite show, it seemed like a lock for the main event at All Out. This is still the fight that is likely to take place at All Out.

Given the circumstances of this bout, the alleged real-life heat between CM Punk and “Hangman” Adam Page, which might be spun into a storyline, and the impending return of MJF, the outcome of this main event is up in the air.

The situation calls for a non-decisive finish, such as a disqualification due to outside influence, even though it would not be a fan-friendly result and even though they rarely do them. Now that Kenny Omega, CM Punk, and Bryan Danielson have all returned to AEW, the promotion is missing only MJF to complete its core roster.

If MJF showed up at the end of Dynamite, everyone in the wrestling world would be wondering about AEW and the future of MJF. Tony Khan would be wise to put aside any resentment still lingering between himself and his star heel, MJF, and bring MJF back on AEW television as we approach the fall season and the importance of television ratings becomes accentuated.

MJF is equivalent to views and ratings. And that’s precisely what AEW should want going into All Out, the main event of which is a rematch between CM Punk and Moxley inside a steel cage. Anyone looking forward to watching MJF and AEW on TV in the coming weeks is the winner.

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