Prices of .Inc domain at early access will ne about $60,000

The previous day was the 1st day of the early access of .Dev domain names. A complaint was made on Twitter about the $10,000+ price tag. Google’s Ben Mcllwain (podcast) responded to the complaint. He inferred that it was a Dutch auction. He also stated that they should wait a few days to buy domains at lower prices.

Much startling would course after people would hear about .Inc

Its early pricing would start from around 30th April but would require a huge raise to pay for it. For getting .Inc on day 1 you can expect it to be about $60,000. By the second day, the prices will drop by a few thousand Dollars. And by the third day it would be half its count and by the final day, it would be $6,000 around.

.Inc always have premium pricing. It cost $2,000 generally per year.

These supposedly have values for company with common names which someone else register. Cybersquatting should not be a big problem here. No cyber squatters would like to invest $2,000 on such names according to me. As it is not so cheap. And in such domain name buying, there is very less cybersquatting and it gets risky to get Returns from cybersquatting.


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