Several business leaders have agreed for a ‘Public Vote’ for the Brexit

On Sunday, November 4th it was announced that a letter demanding a public voting on Britain’s Brexit deal has been signed by almost 60 British business leaders, as concerns of the United Kingdom exiting the European Union in March without an agreement has started to increase among citizens.

As per reports, the letter published in the Sunday Times calling for a ‘People’s Vote’ on Brexit has been officiated by near dozens of business heavyweights that includes Wahaca restaurants co-founder Mark Selby and Waterstones bookstore managing director James Daunt.

According to these a majority of these business me, they stated that discussions held between the government and the European Commission regarding this proposal were “nowhere near as good as the current deal that exists between us (Britain) and the EU.”

A statement in the letter reads, “Over the past two years the amount of uncertainty has already led to a slump in investment, which makes our country poorer by the day.’

The letter issues a further warning stating that Britain is led to, “a destructive hard or a blindfold Brexit,” concluding by stating that the “ultimate choice should be given back to the public with a People’s Vote.”

A second Brexit referendum was not specifically mentioned by the letter.

As per reports, The People’s Vote can be defined as a grassroots campaign demanding a public vote on the UK’s exit deal with the EU.

Back in a June 2016 referendum, The British public voted in favour of leaving the European Union by a margin of approximately 52% to just over 48%.

Both, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn as well as Prime Minister Theresa May, who campaigned for the UK to remain in the EU have agreed that the original result should be respected and fear punishment at the ballot box by so-called Leave voters provided they fail to do so.

According to sources close to the matter, the original plan is that as soon as UK exits the EU a 21-month transition period starting March 30, 2019, would be implied.

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