Weslie Fowler Net Worth: Bio, Age, Hight, Career, And More 2022

Weslie Fowler, a 12-year-old Instagram sensation, has acquired a sizable fan base. She became famous after starring in the American dancing competition show So You Think You Can Dance as Allison Holker’s daughter.

Weslie Fowler Biography

Instagram star Weslie Fowler, who is just 12 years old, already has a significant following. She became famous after starring in the American dancing competition show So You Think You Can Dance as Allison Holker’s daughter. Weslie Fowler, the daughter of Allison Holker, was born in the United States. She is an American citizen now.

In addition to her well-known mother Allison Holker, she has a stepfather who is also a dancer: Stephen Twitch Boss. The family moved to Los Angeles when her mother married American dancer Stephen Twitch Boss in 2013. Her half-brother is 8 years younger than her. As a high school student, she desired to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a talented dancer.

Weslie Fowler Career

At the beginning of 2015, her parents posted the first pictures of her on social media. She then developed a significant following on Instagram, where she shared her modeling shoots and videos, as well as family photos, with a large number of followers. After becoming well-known on social media, she started a business with her closest friend, Preslie, weaving handloom bracelets and selling them online.

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With a great heart and a short professional career, she’s already helped a lot of people. 10% of the revenues from their bracelets are also donated to an organization that works to stop the trafficking of children. TikTok is where she first appeared, and she has since become a well-known face on the platform. For the most part, though, she was only featured in her mother’s YouTube videos.

Weslie Fowler Dating

A celebrity’s love life is always a topic of curiosity to the general public. There is a lot of interest in Weslie Fowler’s new love interest. It’s difficult to believe Fowler, who is both handsome and well-known, doesn’t have a partner.

According to her social media, she has not started a personal relationship and wants to spend time with family and friends. Allie Holker and Twitch Holker are close to her mother and stepfather. The two of them share a special bond through their relationship with her stepbrother Maddox.

Weslie Fowler Family

Weslie Fowler Mother

Even though she was born in Minnesota, she spent most of her formative years in the Salt Lake City suburb of Orem, Utah. The Dance Club in Orem was the first place the Timpanogos High School alumna learned to dance professionally at the age of nine. There were many more styles of dance she was learning at the time.

With her participation in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Allison became a household name throughout the world. With her debut in the second season of So You Think You Can Dance, she gained even more recognition. She is also well-known for her debut on Dancing with the Stars, a popular dancing competition show on the ABC television network.

Weslie Fowler
Weslie Fowler

When she made her debut in the 19th season, she finished in a respectable ninth position. She and her dance partner Riker Lynch finished second in the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars in February 2015. When the So You Think You Can Dancing judge spoke out about her kid’s dance instruction in an interview with People magazine in 2010, the publication was shocked.

It was also reported by the child’s single mother that her little daughter is a huge fan of singer/songwriter Fergie. “She simply moves,” Allison said. “She adores Fergie! She’s all in, no holds barred. “I can’t fall behind!

Weslie Fowler Stepfather

Weslie’s stepfather, Twitch, is a well-known dancer who goes by the stage name Stephen Boss. On September 29, 1982, Twitch, Weslie’s stepfather, was born in Montgomery, Alabama. At the end of 2013, he married Weslie’s mother Allison Holker, who is also a participant in So You Think You Can Dance.

Maddox, the couple’s first kid, was born in 2016 after the couple had been married for three years; their second child was born in 2017. Three years after Maddox was born, they had a daughter called Zaia, who was born in 2019.

This hip-hop dancer is well-known for his appearances on the hit TV show All-Star Dancing in seasons 7, 8, and night, where he was a runner-up in season 4. In 2015, he made his American film debut in Magic Mike XXL, and since then, he’s been in additional Step Up movies. Before he became renowned, he was a finalist in the Wade Robson and star-hunt initiative.

At the time of Fowler’s birth, Allison was engaged to Fowler’s biological father, according to tabloid sources. Sadly, the couple called off their engagement when their daughter was about the age of two years old. Her intriguing father’s identity remains a mystery.

Weslie Fowler Half-Siblings

Maddox (born March 27, 2016) and Zaia (born March 27, 2017) is Weslie’s younger half-siblings (born March 27, 2016). A baby was born on Nov. 3rd, 2019. To show her affection for them, she routinely shares pictures of them on her Instagram account.

Weslie Fowler Age

With celebrities and their personal lives, people naturally want to know everything about them. In this case, there’s a lot of interest in Weslie Fowler’s exact age. In the United States of America, Fowler was born on May 26, 2008. She will be 13 in the year 2021. Her mother is Allison Holker, a professional dancer from the United States.

When Allison gave birth to her daughter, she was barely twenty years old. When the dancer returned to performing just a few weeks after giving birth to Weslie, her fans and friends were outraged, even though she was still only a few months pregnant.

Weslie Fowler Height

Weslie Fowler’s height is one of the little tidbits that captivates true followers. She is 140 cm tall, or 4 feet 7 inches in height.

Weslie Fowler Net Worth

Sponsorships and sponsored video content are two of the primary ways she generates money as an Instagram celebrity. In her Instagram broadcasts, she makes a lot of money by advertising well-known brands. A lot of celebrities these days make a lot of money with their own merchandise companies, as we all know.

Since she sells handloom bracelets, we presume she generates a substantial profit from her merchandising company. Her total assets and property value are believed to be around $1.5 million.

Social Media

Weslie has a sizable following on Instagram (@weslierboss), where he regularly posts to his 85.1k-strong following. She often publishes images of her half-siblings and other family members on Instagram. Twitch is her stepfather and her mother is Holker.

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