WhatsApp Is About To Outperform Even Telegram In Terms Of Message Reaction Time

The introduction of new functionality to WhatsApp has been sluggish at best. This is in contrast to Telegram, which seemingly updates its platform every few months with brand new capabilities.

However, the Facebook-owned firm has been constantly attempting to close this gap and further improve your messaging experience with features like the capacity to share files up to 2GB in size, the ability to add up to 512 individuals to a group, and Communities.

In May 2022, WhatsApp introduced message reactions so users could more clearly convey their emotions. But you could only respond with one of six standard emojis. WhatsApp is still working on a solution to this problem less than two months later.

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According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow you to respond with any emoji. The latest beta versions of WhatsApp ( and add a new Plus icon to the reaction menu. When you tap it, your device will display a selection of emoji from the Unicode standard.

WhatsApp is about to outperform even Telegram in terms of message reaction time
WhatsApp is about to outperform even Telegram in terms of message reaction time

If you are a beta tester and have not yet received this update, please know that WhatsApp is currently working on it and has not yet made it available to all users.

It’s not a huge shock because Zuckerberg hinted at the possibility of additional reactions to messages when he first revealed the feature.

There are 17 different emojis available for use as replies in Telegram. Additional premium reactions are available only to subscribers of Telegram Premium. In spite of the fact that 17 emojis should be plenty for the vast majority of users, if WhatsApp rolls out the option to use any emoji as a reaction, it will have a significant advantage over Telegram.

Whatsapp isn’t done refining its reaction features yet, either. An upcoming update to the messaging service will make it simpler to see who liked specific photos or videos in an album without ever opening them. Currently, without opening the album, all that is visible is the reaction and the individual who gave it, but not the media itself.

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