Who is Nick Lee: The Producer of Radio and Tv Hits Who Won a Grammy Award

Who is Nick Lee: One of the most downloaded songs of the past 12 months has been “Industry Baby,” and if you’ve used TikTok at all in that time, you’ve probably heard its signature horns.

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Who is Nick Lee

Nick Lee, a music producer, lyricist, trombonist, and composer, is responsible for the now-famous horns. Nick created the horn loop for the upbeat and memorable tune, but you wouldn’t know it from our conversation as he sat quietly in an office chair and introduced himself in a quiet but confident voice.

Nick spent his formative years in West Hollywood, the cultural epicenter of Los Angeles. At age six, he began studying the piano. The seventh-grade band he joined was his introduction to jazz. He learned more about the trombone from his band director, who introduced him to jazz trombone.

According to Nick, “She was showing me all these various jazz trombonists and really piquing my interest in music, more than all the other activities that were there.” From there, he learned to improvise with his classmates and stayed after school to perform. It was a natural way for me to learn because I would get there early and play with my pals before class.

He began studying how to compose music alongside his trombone studies by attending a session given by one of his jazz professors, Jason Goldman. Nick’s enthusiasm for music production was kindled by Jason’s intensive weeklong production course at Nick’s high school. Nick started learning music production after attending the class, first through private lessons with Jason and then through watching tutorials on YouTube.

Who is Nick Lee
Who is Nick Lee

Nick went to New York City’s prestigious Juilliard School to study jazz trombone for two years, but he never stopped making music in the meantime. However, he gradually came to the realization that Juillard wasn’t where he was intended to be.

During Nick’s first winter as a student at Juilliard, his grandfather passed away. Nick and his cousin collaborated on a song for his grandfather’s memorial service. Due to his time of mourning and introspection, Nick realized that he was no longer interested in continuing his studies at Juilliard and instead wanted to focus on music creation. So, he quit school in the middle of his second year.

Whenever music or any other creative form gets institutionalized, the pleasure is taken out of it, and that’s why I came to despise school. He continues, “But I did learn a lot from my time, and I’m grateful I had that experience.

Nick spent six months honing his producing abilities after graduating from Juilliard. He modeled his work after those of producers like Take a Daytrip, D’ Mile, and Roget Chahayed. After returning to Los Angeles, he began working with his old friend and manager, Max Cho. Through networking, they were able to get Nick’s name out in the music industry and secure a publishing deal with Scooter Braun at Atlas Music Publishing.

After signing the contract, he found himself sharing studio space with Poo Bear and Demi Lovato, and he later reflected on how the arrangement had catapulted his career: “I was thrown in the deep end, going from producing smaller artists to working with big talent… Following that, we’ve been focusing solely on our work and without looking up once.

Nick’s since collaborated on a slew of top-tier tracks, including Billboard Hot 100 number one “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X. Nick, who has always appreciated jazz and wanted to include it into a song, says that “Industry Baby” couldn’t have come at a better moment.

He had only recently begun playing around with horns, but he already had a sample pack full of horn sounds to work with. Nas, meanwhile, was trying to track down horns for a new song. Nick’s manager introduced him to the producer of Take a Daytrip, Denzel Baptiste, and the rest is history.

When Lil Nas X posted a short clip of himself dancing to “Industry Baby” on Instagram, it was Nick’s first exposure to the song. Nick cracks a smile to himself, the first time in our chat that he has broken his otherwise unruffled serenity.

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It was an honor to collaborate with producers of [Take a Daytripcaliber ]’s kind nature. Also, I was completely unprepared for how popular it would become. Nick continues, “Because, you know, Lil Nas X is huge. Much luck and preparation were required for the song’s success.

First and foremost, they had to appreciate the horns and compose a tune to them. The quality of the song was also crucial. Because of that, the label might not have even considered putting it out as a single. It took off in the way it did because a number of factors coincided.

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