With “Pull Up,” a visual for car lovers, the Koffee Gifted Album has a release date

Car Lovers and reggae lovers, gear up for a surprise for you! The upcoming week will see the release of Koffee Gifted, and it has everything from racing cars to beat to the perfect music!

The 22-year old artist has recently been in talks for her upcoming album has a release date. Her debut album, Gifted, now has a release date while she released a high-octane video for her first single from the project named ‘PULL UP.’

The singer had teased a short clip to Twitter last Thursday. This post was her way of showing her fans that she remembers and will keep her promise of releasing the high-energy banger video a week later! Apart from music loves, Car enthusiasts have something for them in the bundle! The thrilling and stirring stunts by professional drivers who will be performing drift stunts in this ‘KC Locke-directed music video’ will surely drive you crazy. She shot the whole video out of Jamaica, and the vibes are very serene yet exhilarating.

Another best thing about the much anticipated Koffee Gifted is the different models of cars displayed in the video, some describing it as a total gala. Few of the models included classics like Lada from the early 90s and

  •  Toyota Prado,
  •  Audi, 
  • Ferrari spider, 
  • Mercedes Benz G Wagon, 
  • Toyota Lexus, and
  •  a Renault Lada

These are to be seen in the shot shared. There are many shots where KOFFEE dangles herself from the windows, trunk, and hood of the stunt cars as she vibes and sings her new single “Pull Up.” The track from her debut album Gifted will now come out on March 25, 2022, through her new promotional video for her single.

She announced, writing, “It’s my pleasure to announce that my debut album ‘Gifted’ will be out on March 25! Thank you for rocking with me! You won’t be disappointed. Love to everyone. LET’S GOOOOOO!!!”

The artist had released her debut EP titled Rapture back in 2018, which went on to get her a Grammy at the 2019 Award show!

KOFFEE has not shared her Grammy dreams, but it could be her fate, owing to her amazing music, to be the youngest winner in the Reggae category. Along with ‘PULL UP’ on March 25, 2022, she is also releasing the dancehall artiste Shenseea’s debut album ALPHA on March 11, 2022.


Koffee Gifted is served to you by none other than KOFFEE! The artist got her name after she had ordered a coffee on a scorching hot day while everyone else chose soda. Her musical life began in the church choir, where she learned melody and accord.

When she was just 12, KOFFEE taught herself guitar, which was lent to her by a friend. This amazing talent was born in Spanish Town, just outside Kingston, Jamaica. She was brought up alone by her hard-working mother as her father left for New York when Koffee was a small child. KOFFEE mentioned once, “Mummy struggled, so I didn’t have to,” Her mother is also an icon in herself, an infrequent actress. The latter worked for the Ministry of Health and gave sex education and body positivity talks. Her mum also protected her from the violence that was troubling their community. Koffee recalls remembering curfews and hearing gunshots all over her neighborhood, but she still found it “mellow.” She believes this tough time led her to be the musician she is today. She began writing lyrics in her bedroom as she was inspired by the reggae singer Protoje. Her life also took a turn when she had won an audition for reggae at school, without her knowledge.

Koffee’s breakthrough was in 2017 when she hopped on Upsetta Records’ Ouji Riddim Busy Signal and Luciano. Her version was so good that it became a hit and is heard being played all over Jamaica right now.

Koffee is a very talented artist, and we can expect very good music from her in the times to come. Her most recent release, Koffee Gifted, will be the next big thing in the reggae industry!

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