WWE Raw Results November 14: Winners, Grades And Match Highlights!

WWE Raw Results November 14: Here is the coverage and analysis of WWE Raw from November 14 on Bleacher Report. WWE is still in full planning mode to set up the pay-per-view because WarGames will take place during Survivor Series the following weekend.

The Monday show had some buildup, but we also saw some stories that might not have a big PPV impact. The Miz hosted a different episode of his regular talk show while Seth Rollins faced off against Finn Balor of Judgment Day, and Matt Riddle faced off against Chad Gable of Alpha Academy. Let’s review everything that occurred on Monday’s show.

Mustafa Ali Vs Bobby Lashley

WWE Raw Results
WWE Raw Results

Rollins entered the ring to perform a promo as Raw got underway. We saw a review of the events from the previous week, where Austin Theory was unsuccessful in cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase after Bobby Lashley had crushed Rollins.

The All Mighty quickly joined him in the ring and declared that he would continue to beat people up until he regained the U.S. title. Because he wanted a match to get retribution for being attacked the week before, Mustafa Ali collided with a referee.

Ali made two attempts to attack him, but Lashley was able to repel him both times. Although he warned him that he would regret it, he accepted the challenge for a match. After a break, the bell rang, and Ali delivered a running dropkick right away.

Before picking up Ali and ramming his head into the same ring post, the powerhouse was sent into the same position. Ali continued to attempt a comeback, but Lashley consistently stopped him. When Ali continued to stand up, he nearly appeared astounded, but it didn’t stop him from punishing Ali further.

The All Mighty applied the Hurt Lock for victory with a powerful Spear. Even though this was hardly a competitive battle, the first 20 minutes of Raw were entertaining. The Rollins promo was entertaining, Ali appeared heroic in defeat, and Lashley appeared as commanding as possible. It had a few poor parts, but overall it was just what it needed to be.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Grade: B-

Tamina Vs Mia Yim

Following her unexpected comeback last week, Mia Yim faced Tamina on Monday in her first bout back under the WWE banner. To demonstrate that she could compete against a formidable opponent like Rhea Ripley, HBIC was matched with Tamina.

Tamina meets the mark in terms of looks, even though she hasn’t been as successful as Ripley, especially recently. Tamina was able to take advantage of the confusion when Ripley and Dominik Mysterio walked out to see the fight.

This contest was brief and contained a few instances where there was no chemistry between the two participants. The crowd didn’t pay much attention to this contest until Ripley hinted towards a fight but later backed off.

Winner: Mia Yim

Grade: C-

Chad Gable Vs Matt Riddle

WWE Raw Results
WWE Raw Results

After a brief meeting backstage, Riddle and Gable faced off in the third event of the evening. When RK-Bro held the tag titles, these two frequently clashed, suggesting that they may have had unresolved business.

These two men had a wonderful technical exchange for the first few minutes because they both possessed surplus grappling abilities. Matt Riddle employed more strikes than Gable, but they weren’t his primary means of attack.

There is no questioning Riddle’s athletic prowess, despite his occasionally annoying behaviour. Both Gable and he are professional sportsmen who know how to put on entertaining battles, and this one was no different.

After the commercial break, The Bro started to gain some momentum, but Gable used a backslide to score the pin with a little assistance from Otis keeping his feet on the bottom rope for leverage. You will struggle to find a match as skilful and intensely competitive as what we witnessed here this week. Both men gave it their all.

Winner: Chad Gable

Grade: A-

Shelton Benjamin Vs Dominik Mysterio

Shelton Benjamin and Dominik Mysterio had a match that was booked after the two got into a verbal argument backstage, which came after a segment with The Miz, Johnny Gargano, and Dexter Lumis.

In Dom’s corner were Ripley and Damian Priest. The youthful star smacked Benjamin after being forced to the corner and then jumped out of the ring to avoid a retort. He attempted a rear attack, but The Gold Standard swiftly reclaimed the initiative.

Dom tried using devious means to gain the upper hand because he was aware of his physical disadvantage. A few times it was successful, but Benjamin was not about to be defeated easily. The younger Mysterio was able to pin Benjamin with a Frog Splash after using a distraction created by his teammates.

This match was alright, but it demonstrated how much work Dom still needs to put in before he can compete with someone like The Gold Standard.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

Grade: B-

Dana Brooke Vs Iyo Sky

WWE Raw Results
WWE Raw Results

This week, Damage CTRL’s Iyo Sky competed against Dana Brooke. Nikki Cross was at ringside with Bayley and Dakota Kai, but she didn’t appear too interested in what was happening. Cross was simply wandering the room and gazing up at the rafters as they all made their way to the ring.

She appeared to be thinking about something other than what was happening in the arena. The sky was able to use her speed and agility to rapidly seize control as Brooke attempted to vent her displeasure by gaining an early edge.

She ultimately triumphed with the Over the Moonsault. Even in the most straightforward of matches, Sky manages to stand out for her aerial prowess. This was nothing special.

Winner: Iyo Sky

Grade: C

Austin Theory Vs Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler interrupted Austin Theory as he was giving an impassioned promo about what has been happening to him lately. For Ziggler to see if the former Mr Money in the Bank has genuinely changed, they rekindled their feud from a few months ago for a match.

Theory endured a brief but gruelling contest against the previous world champion. The 25-year-old started acting more aggressively just before the intermission. Nobody should be surprised that these guys worked well together as they are both well-known for their athleticism and expertise.

Ziggler, however, gets along with just about everyone. After fighting off a sleeper, Theory started repeatedly throwing Ziggler into the ring post to inflict pain on his shoulder. Despite coming close with the Zig-Zag, Theory was able to make two consecutive A-Town Downs.

WWE Raw Results
WWE Raw Results

However, he didn’t attempt to pin Ziggler. Instead, he continued to strike him down at the ringside until the referee rang the bell. The theory continues to attack The Showoff while tearing away the ringside area. It needed numerous officers to successfully remove him.

This might have been the most effective way to alter Theory’s personality. The match was excellent, and the way it ended helped him more than a straightforward victory would have. We can only hope that he maintains his serious edge going forward.

Winner: Austin Theory

Grade: A-

Baron Corbin Vs Akira Tozawa

Backstage at a poker game, Akira Tozawa defeated Baron Corbin and JBL, and when Corbin tried to cheat, the former 205 Live regular challenged him to a match. Tozawa was able to put The New Wrestling God to the sword despite losing a few inches and a few dozen pounds.

To quickly win, Corbin hit End of Days after catching him flying over the top rope. The pre-match backstage segment was sort of entertaining, but the fight itself simply served to highlight how good and underutilized Tozawa is at the moment.

From a booking perspective, Corbin’s victory made sense, but the fans would have erupted if it had gone the other way.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Grade: C

Seth Rollins Vs Finn Balor (U.S. Title)

WWE Raw Results
WWE Raw Results

With the United States Championship on the line, Balor and Rollins entered the ring once more this week after engaging in numerous fights throughout the years. These two are comparable in terms of knowledge and abilities, although Rollins initially had the upper hand due to a minor advantage in power and height.

The Prince stayed in the battle by using his technical skill and quickness to block practically everything the other guy could throw at him. The Visionary was forced into the announcement table and had to defend himself.

Giving a complete critique would take an eternity because WWE gave them a lot of time to work with and they crammed a lot into it. If you weren’t able to watch the game live, you should take the time to watch the entire thing because it was excellent.

Two of the most adaptable veterans now employed are these two. When two guys work together like that, success is a given because everything they accomplish has an extra layer of polish. As the contest was drawing to an end, The OC and Judgment Day ended up fighting around the ring, causing chaos all around.

In a spectacular main event, Seth Rollins took advantage of the chance to smash a Stomp for the victory and retain the championship. After it was over, Theory unexpectedly attacked Rollins and finished the show on top, holding the U.S. title.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Grade: A-

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