Zimbabwe’s ccTLD management is about to be brought back

Zimbabwe’s ccTLD management is about to be brought back again. With the government calling for public comments on a DNS Framework Consultation paper, it was released Monday. The paper shows the limitations of the current setup. With no functional WHOIS, registrations are manual.  Due to this there are  difficulties in implementing security initiatives, no IPv6.

According to the paper published by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), “Zimbabwe does not have a DNS Policy in place. A DNS policy is an essential piece of legislating that defines roles or industry players. It sets standards and levels of security to be put in place by data processors.” The paper mentions “many countries with successful DNS implementation.”

The current set up for .zw is POTRAZ. It delegated the administration of the technical and operational aspects of the DNS in Zimbabwe to TelOne in 2004. TelOne acts as registrar and registry for .org.zw . Other second level domains were delegated to the University of Zimbabwe (.ac.zw) , ZISPA (.co.zw) and GISP (.gov.zw).

“Currently, the paper notes, “in Zimbabwe every registry has their own DNS policies. They use in registering domain names under their delegated SLDs. As a result, implementation of security measures depends on the wish and capacity of each registry/registrar to implement their own measures.”

POTRAZ is planning to sponsor the organisation and select a registry operator for .zw. The new registry will be responsible for the registry database. It will also support infrastructure of DNS servers, WHOIS systems and so on.

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