Val Kilmer Heat 2 Character Death: What Happened to Chris Shiherlis?

What happened to Val Kilmer’s character in the movie “Heat” and after the movie ended? Although “Heat” is now considered one of the best crime movies ever, it didn’t get a lot of attention from critics and surprisingly didn’t get nominated for any Academy Awards.

The movie had amazing contributions from director Michael Mann, cinematographer Dante Spinotti, and actors like Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Val Kilmer, who delivered some of their finest performances. Almost 30 years later, Michael Mann and co-author Meg Gardiner wrote a follow-up book called “Heat 2.” This book is both a prequel and a sequel.

It starts in Chicago in 1988 when De Niro’s character and his crew do a big heist. Then, it moves forward to after the movie’s events and ends in the year 2000. The book tells a complex crime story that gives more depth to the main characters of “Heat.” There are plans for Mann to make “Heat 2” into a movie for his next project.

Val Kilmer Heat 2 Character Death

“Heat 2” follows Chris, a character from the first “Heat” movie, played by Val Kilmer. After the events of the first film, he hides out with his friend Nate (Jon Voight). Chris manages to leave the city and starts working for a powerful crime family called the Lius in a tough city called Ciudad del Este.

Even though Chris wants to bring his wife and son to join him, he becomes romantically involved with Ana Liu, the ambitious daughter of his boss. They both plan to do illegal activities like selling stolen technology and moving into the dark web. The story shows Chris’s secret relationship with Ana and how he transforms from a skilled bank robber into a different kind of criminal.

Eventually, Chris returns to Los Angeles and faces two choices: Should he reunite with his family or continue his relationship with Ana? He also wants to avenge his friend Neil. In Los Angeles, he meets Kelso (played by Tom Noonan), who helps him navigate the world of online crime.

The news of Val Kilmer’s Heat 2 character’s death has been circulating online, but there is no concrete evidence to support it. We’ll keep you updated if we learn anything new.

How Val Kilmer’s Character Survived Heat?

In the movie “Heat,” out of the group of criminals, Chris Shiherlis played by Val Kilmer is the only one who manages to get away. During a big shootout, Chris gets shot and hurt. Robert De Niro’s character, McCauley, takes him to a veterinarian to get his wounds patched up.

The police then try to find Chris’ wife, Charlene (played by Ashley Judd). They set up a plan to catch Chris when he goes to see her and their child. Chris does go to see Charlene, but something unexpected happens. Charlene is offered a deal by the police where she won’t get in trouble if she helps them.

Val Kilmer Heat 2 Character Death

Instead of meeting Chris normally, she signals to him with her hand that it’s dangerous. So, Chris understands it’s not safe and decides to drive away in his car to stay out of trouble.

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Heat 2 Explains What Happened To Chris?

In “Heat 2,” Chris is one of the important characters and he changes a lot throughout the story. It’s revealed that he had to leave his family behind and with the help of a guy named Nate (played by Jon Voight), he escaped from the city. He then gets a job protecting a crime family in a place called Ciudad del Este. There, he falls in love with Ana Liu, who is the daughter of his boss.

Ana has big plans that go beyond just his family, and she wants to use the internet to make money in new ways through illegal activities, as the nature of crime is changing a lot in the 21st century. As the story goes on, Chris goes from being a bank robber to becoming a small-time crime leader. However, he still wants to get back together with his wife Charlene, and their son.

Toward the end of the story, when the events happen in Los Angeles, Chris faces a tough decision: Should he stay with Ana or go back to his old life with his family? He also has to think about whether he should get revenge on Hanna (played by Al Pacino) for the death of his mentor, McCauley.

The story reaches an intense point with a big shootout, but to find out exactly what happens, you’ll need to read the book or wait for the movie. Stay up to date with for further details about Heat 2.


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