WWE Rumour Roundup: War Games, WrestleMania 39, Triple H’s Change Of Mind And More!

Many pro wrestling fans like speculating about the gossip around the sport, probably second only to watching the contests. This daily piece examines the most recent rumours coming out of the pro wrestling rumour mill.

We must always keep in mind that rumours are just that: rumours. All of this is simply conjecture that is going around the pro wrestling rumour mill; nothing has been confirmed as true. In a weekly article called Rumor Look Back, which you can find here, we track rumour veracity. Keep in mind to take everything with a grain of salt.

Rumours for the Day:

  • According to Fightful Select, Braun Strowman is receiving criticism for his tweets after the Crown Jewel. While Strowman has been acting appropriately backstage since his return, WWE is now keeping a closer eye on “social media Braun” due to his actions on Twitter over the weekend, which one employee at the business labelled “immature.”
WWE Rumour Roundup
WWE Rumour Roundup
  • Braun’s tweets weren’t a part of any angle or storyline and won’t be turned into one, according to the site’s sources, although Strowman might be mocked on-screen or made fun of on commentary as a result of them.
  • According to WrestleVotes, Triple H didn’t like the idea of The Judgment Day gimmick when he took over WWE creative in July. The group will “stay around longer than anticipated,” according to his latter change of heart.
  • If WWE’s intentions come to fruition, WrestleMania 39 will be a star-studded affair. The organization is reportedly “trying to garner a lot of celebrity involvement in the show with the premise of being from Hollywood, and the mainstream exposure that comes with celebrities being there,” according to the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • The Elite will be a part of the behind-the-scenes reality show being produced for Warner Brosp. Discovery, according to this week’s email, thus they may have been backstage at recent AEW television tapings.
  • WWE is seeking “excellent visual pictures of big spots” at War Games this year, according to F4WOnline’s Dave Meltzer. They don’t want to rely on NXT footage to hype the gimmick because it will be a mainstay on the main roster in the coming years, especially because the modern War Games matches from NXT include so many wrestlers who are no longer employed by the organization.
  • Google informs us that “Michin,” which is Korean meaning “mad,” was trademarked by WWE.

Final Lines

Please feel free to mention any other fascinating rumours you may have heard in the comments section below. Please regard them as rumours since they have not been verified as reality. Additionally, you can only access our weekly Rumor on domaintrip.com.

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